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SSN Clift Ruth Simpson

Application for SS account number for Ruth Clift

Source Text
[application filled out by hand]
First Name: Mrs. Ruth
Middle Name: Simpson
Last Name: Clift
Street and Number:
Post Office: Robert Lee, Texas
Business Name Of Present Employer: Order Eastern Star, #187
Business Address of Present Employer: Robert Lee, Texas
Age At Last Birthday: 44
Date Of Birth: 3-10-94
Place Of Birth: Santo, Palo Pinto Co. Texas
Father's Full Name: William King Simpson
Mother's Full Maiden Name: Cora Viola Bellinger
Sex: Female
Color: White
Give date you became an employee:
Have you filled out a card like this before?: Yes, Robert Lee, Texas Nov. 1938-Card not Received
Date Signed: 12-21-38
Employee's Signature, As Usually Written: Mrs. Ruth S. Clift