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SSN Gottlieb Morris

Application for SS account number for Morris Gottlieb

Source Text
[application filled out by hand]
First Name: Morris
Middle Name: Joseph
Last Name: Gottlieb
Street and Number: 726 Clara Ave.
Post Office: St. Louis Mo.
Business Name Of Present Employer: Famous-Barr Co. Att'n. Mr. M. Burnesen
Business Address of Present Employer: 7-th and Locust St., St. Louis, Mo.
Age At Last Birthday: 25
Date Of Birth: March 27 1912
Place Of Birth: New York, N.Y.
Father's Full Name: Charles Gottlieb
Mother's Full Maiden Name: Bella Singer
Sex: Male
Color: White
If registered with the U. S. Employment Service: No
If you have previously filled out a card like this, state: No
Date Signed: July 8, 1937
Employee's Signature, As Usually Written: Morris J Gottlieb