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Book TX Land Title Abstracts

Texas Land Title Abstracts, vol. 1A

Austin TX

Source Text
State Abstracts of Bowie County to August 31, 1941

Abst. No. Original Grantee Cert. No. Patentee Date of Patent Patent No.-Vol Acres Portion in Adjoining County acres-county Class File No. Remarks
157 Dalby, Ann         160   Bowie 3rd 16 Forfeited
161 Dalby, A. Phillip 14/3 Phillip Dalby 11-30-1861 260-35 640 362 Red River Bowie 3rd 6  
171 Dalby, W. K. 121 W. K. Dalby 12-15-1851 801-6 480   Bowie 3rd 49