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Book NC Early Records of NC

Early Records of North Carolina (from Secretary of State Papers)
8 volumes

Abstracted by Dr. Stephen E. Bradley Jr.


Source Text
Wills 1663 - 1722

294. Henry(x)King  24 Feb 1714  875/100  (no probate)
"in good health"
3 sons Micall, Henery, & Charles - land in Chowan Precinct in Albemarle Co. called the Loghouse Land.  2 sons Michael & Henery - land in Nansemon Co. Virginia between Flat Swamp, Third Swamp & Second Swamp.  Daughter Elizabeth - 100 acres in Chowan Precinct.  Daughter Catryen - 100 acres.  Daughter Ann King - 200 acres.  Daughter Mary - 200 acres.
Wit.  Crison(x)Johnson, Christop.(x)VanLuen, Judy(x)Fox, John Hays
[Note: The original difficult to read.]

461. Rober Snell  ..? Jul 1708  O  26 Nov 1708(before Thomas Cary)
"Sick & weak"
Wife - [torn] "named Negro", mare.  Daughter Katherine - bed, etc. Son Roger - [apparently the legacy lent to his sd mother], carpenters tools.  Son John - crosscutt saw, file, etc., & he to teach my son Roger the coopers trade.  Wife Elizabeth - rest of my personal estate.
Ex.  wife Elizabeth
Wit. Wm. Whidbe, William(x)Bouler[probate says Grealy], Nicholas Tylor

566. Henry(x)Woodnot  29 Dec 1718  O  29 Jun 1719(before Charles Eden)
"Sick and weak in body"
Robert Bell of Chowan Precinct - negro man Henry.  Isabell the daughter of Anne Ferguson "now the wife of Robert Bell" [note: antecedent unclear] - remainder of my estate, land in "this countrey" & Virginia, negro woman Betty & her children; should she die before age 16, then reversion to Robert Bell & his children.
Ex. friends Robert Bell, Isabell Ferguson
Wit. Arthur(x)Dugall, Thomas(x)Rogers, James Castellaw
[Also 875/176]

Wills 1723 - 1736

236. John(x)Jernagan  10 Jan 1733  O  Feb Ct. 1733(before Rt. Forster)
Of Bertie Precinct. "weak of Bodey"
Son Henry Jernagan - my plantation to the branch.  Son(s) Thomas & George Jernagan - 200 acres.  Son David Jernagan - 20sh. Son James Jernagan - 100 acres over Ahotskey Swamp.  Wife Temperance Jernagan & Benjamin Hill - rest of my personal estate.
Ex. wife, Benjamin Hill
Wit. John(x)Carol, Barzilla Hewitt, Benjn. Hill

237. Henry Jernigin planter  9 May 1736  O  Aug Ct 1736
Of Bartie Precinct, Albermarl Co. "very Sick and weak in body"
Wife Phebe - 140 acres joining land I purchased from Henery Overstreet & William Jones; bed she now lies on, quilt, rug; use of negro man Roben for 4 years & then he to my son Jacob.  Son Henery - 90 acres where he now lives joining Joseph Blackman, John Blackman; negro woman Rose; etc; also land on north side of Summerton Creek in Virginia. Son Jacob - 80 acres where I now joining Joseph Blackman, James Tuder, Pine Iseland, reserving 1/2 its use for my wife; negro woman Hannah, horse I purchased from Thomas Buntin, mare now running at Horskey; also 100 acres; etc.  Daughter Ann Jones - girl Jude, 2 sheep.  Son Jesse - 80 acres whichis the remainder of my land between Henery & Jacob; boy Arnold, bed quilt, girl Sue (but her first child to my son Dempsie.  Son Dempsie - 200 acres on Kashi I purchased from Thomas Watson; boy Charles, bed, etc a mare that runs at Horskey.  Henery Dublen - his freedom, clothes, bed, 100 acres which was part of land at Cashi.  Wife, sons Jesse & Dempsie - cattle & sheep when Jesse is age 16.  Son Jacob to have use of son Dempsie's planation until he [antecedent unclear] is age 16.  Other legacies.
Ex. son Jacob with his brother Henery.
Wit. Theophilus Williams, John Jernigan, Bennet Blackman

Wills 1737 - 1749

271. Michael King  20 May 1741  O  29 Oct 1741(before J. Montgomery)
Of Bartie Co. "very Sick of body"
Wife Isbell - negroes Hary, Towerhile, Bes, Hannah, Murrear, for her lifetime.  My children - 3 sows & pigs when they come of age.  Son Michaell - negroes Green & Isbell; 250 acres that I bought from Richard Byrd.  Son Henry - negroes Robin & Pegg; 225 acres my manor plantation.  Son John - negroes Jack, Taffey & Frank.  Daughter Catherine King - negro girl Pat.  Daughter Isbel King - negro girl Sary.  Daughter Penelope King - negro girl Vilet (but should she die of her present sickness then Bes' unborn child).  Daughter Mary King - negro Prissella.
Ex. wife, Col Robt West & his son Robt West
Wit. Roger Snell, Jno. Hill, J. Hollbrook

Wills 1756 - 1794

395. Roger Snell planter  27 Oct 1758  882/170  11 Apr 1759(before John Dickson)
Of Duplin.  "Very Sick and Week in Body"
Son James - negro boys Ben & Nat; 150 acres on east side of Six Run Swamp, joining Abraham Herring; negro fellow Lue after my wife's decease.  Daughter Partheny Snell - negro boys Seser & Lonon.  Son Roger - negro boys Andrew, Green, Harry; 100 acres where I now live. Wife Ann - lend to her negro Lue, wench Bety, wench Bes, during her widowhood.  Daughter Mary King - negro wench Bes.  Daughter Rebaca Herring - negro wench Bety.  Son-in-law Abraham Herring - 150 acres. Daughter Ann King - negro boy Need.  Son-in-law Michael King - lands not otherwise given away.  Other legacies.
Ex. Michael King, George Ball
Wit. John King, John Caneday, Jesse Bell