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Marriage NC Granville

NC Marriage Collection 1741-2004, selected surnames


Source Text
Selected surnames:
Bullock 1755-1815
Dalby 1790-1830
Pryor 1745-1785

Last First Last First Date
Bullock Anny Bullock William 1/3/1815
Bullock Betsy Kennon William 3/11/1771
Bullock Catherine Springer John 12/24/1779
Bullock Elizabeth MacLin James 11/28/1792
Bullock Elizabeth Haskins John 8/1/1804
Bullock Elizabeth Inge Richard Jr. 12/12/1812
Bullock Frances Boyd William 4/28/1791
Bullock Frances Fleming William 12/24/1810
Bullock George Freeman Mary 10/25/1796
Bullock James Philips Mary 9/30/1792
Bullock James Jr. Adcock Rutha 12/20/1815
Bullock John Mitchell Mary 11/12/1759
Bullock John Jr. Lewis Catherine 3/11/1771
Bullock Joshua Cook Ann 1/21/1781
Bullock Len Hendley Goodloe Susannah 8/6/1766
Bullock Leonard Dalby Permelia 12/16/1802
Bullock Leonard Henley Hawkins Fanny 11/7/1763
Bullock Micajah Pryor Frances 6/21/1769
Bullock Nancy Minor Mark 12/23/1805
Bullock Nathaniel Hawkins Mary 8/12/1760
Bullock Phillip Butler Ann 10/31/1797
Bullock Richard Chambliss Bessy 5/16/1803
Bullock Richard Walker Milley 10/19/1803
Bullock Sarah Stem James 11/2/1813
Bullock Susannah Davis William S. 8/12/1811
Bullock Sussanah Taylor John 3/16/1784
Bullock William Bullock Anny 1/3/1815
Dalby Permelia Bullock Leonard 12/16/1802
Dalby Richard Mitchell Fanny 11/12/1807
Pryor Frances Bullock Micajah 6/21/1769
Pryor Haden Wade Elizabeth 9/9/1769
Pryor Pleasant Palmer Elizabeth 3/25/1795