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Bible Ballenger

Bible record of Joel & Martha Ballenger Green.
Entries involving Ballengers and their direct family.

Source Text
Family Record of Joel A. Green

Births of himself, Wives and Children
Joel A. Green was borned July 13th 1820
Martha H. Ballenger borned Sept. 18th 1820
Sarah Fannie Mayes borned April 4th 1839

Children of J. A. and M. H. Green
Marcus L. Green was borned May 24, 1841
Elizabeth R. Green Dec. 24, 1842
John M. Green Nov. 8th 1844
Sanford N. Green March 6, 1847
Infant unnamed March 10, 1849
Mary Ella Green April 14, 1851
Leonora E. Green Aug. 14, 1853
Joseph P. Green March 29, 1856
Charlie Green Oct. 19, 1858
Albert Johnson Green April 24, 1861
Anna Lee Green Aug. 14, 1863

Children of J. A. and S. F. Green
Homer H. Green Borned Jan. 21, 1876
Infant male, unnamed May 19, 1877

Joel A. Green and Martha H. Ballenger was married June 18th 1840
Joel A. Green and Fannie Mayes married Dec. 17th 1874

Family Unions with the Church
Brother Wash. C. Green joined the Baptist Church Sept. 1846
Joel A. Green joined the Baptist Church Oct. 1846
My wife Martha H. Green was a Methodist when a girl and afterwards joined the Baptist, Aug. 1872
2nd wife S. Fannie Green was a Presbyterian

Births of My 1st Wife's Father & Mother & Their Children
John Ballenger born Oct. 1st 1798
Elizabeth Stephenson Aug. 18, 1800
M. S. Ballenger Nov. 2, 1818
Martha H. Ballenger Sept. 18, 1820
Tarpley Ballenger Jan. 1, 1823
Rebecca Ballenger Jan. 14, 1825
David S. Ballenger Oct. 26, 1827
Mary Ballenger March 9, 1830
Emeline Ballenger March 1832
Elizabeth Ballenger Feb. 2, 1835
John F. Ballenger Aug. 18, 1837
Aminda Ballenger March 5, 1840
Albert C. Ballenger Feb. 15, 1845

Marriages of Dr. John Ballenger & Children
John Ballenger & Elizabeth Stephenson married Nov. 17, 1817
Morse S. Ballenger to Lizzie Lenor
J. A. Breen & M. H. Ballenger June 18, 1840
Thomas D. Medlock & Rebecca Ballenger Aug. 11, 1842
J. M. Young to Emeline Ballenger
John M. Dobbs to Lizzie Ballenger
William Dobbs to Aminda Ballenger
John F. Ballenger to Jane Anderson 1863
J. C. Ballenger to Lizzie Dobbs Oct. 4, 1866

Deaths of Joel A. Green Family
Martha H. Green departed this life August 2nd 1874, 8:30 am
The infant unnamed, aluded to in Births, died the next day viz. March 11, 1849
Infant not named of J. A. and S. F. died May 20, 1877

Deaths of Grand Fathers, Grand Mothers, Fathers, Mothers, Mother-in-law, Father-in-law
Wife's father Dr. John Ballenger died May 15, 1866, age 68 years
Wife's mother Elisabeth Ballenger died Aug. 14, 1869 age 69 years
Nephew David A. Green, killed in Battle July 3, 1863
Brother's wife Mary Green died Feb. 26, 1846, age 28 years
Wife's sister, Mary Ballenger died July 18, 1845, age 16 years
Wife's brother David D. Ballenger died Sept. 7, 1845 age 18 years
Wife's brother Dr. Moore S. Ballenger died July 15, 1851, age 33 years
Wife's uncle John Coker died Sept. 5, 1855, age 55 years
Niece Viola Medlock died June 21st 1880
1st wife grandfather & mother John Ballenger, Sr. died March 2, 1825, age 75 years.
Agnes Ballenger, his wife, died Feb. 3, 1839, age 76.