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Court TX Bowie Probate

Bowie Co., TX, Probate Court minutes

Source Text
4/344 #523 1/19/1904 W. S. McCright Administration
1/19/1904. Application for Community Letters of Administration by widow Mrs. S. F. (Fanny) McCright. W. S. McCright died intestate 1/20/1900. Heirs are Mrs. Lou Wilson, Sam McCright, Mrs. Lizzie Wilson (Travis Co., TX), Mrs. Lemmy Thomas, Mrs. Sible Haralson (age 20), Mrs. Norma Dalby (age 18), Warren McCright (age 17), Miss Pauline McCright (age 13). Community estate of 1 acre, New Boston, presumed value $200, W. F. Thompson HRS, adjoining land sold to Jessie Stewart by I. M. Ball & J. W. Wever. Petitioner wants appraisal. Attorney J. B. Manning. 1/19/1904. E. J. Shedlebar, W. M. Bloxham, &O. J. Daniel appointed as appraisers. 1/30/1904. Land appraised at $125. 2/2/1904. Appraisement accepted. Mrs. McCright appointed & sworn in as administratrix.

4/384 #539 7/6/1904 W. S. McCright Guardianship
7/6/1904. Application for Guardianship. Estate of Warren S. McCright. Mrs. S. F. McCright, mother of Warren (18) and Pauline (14). Minors entitled to share of $2500. Notices posted in Boston, New Boston, and Dekalb. 7/20/1904. Guardianship granted to Mrs. McCright, bond $5000. Appraisers appointed: J. L. McCright, T. A. Fuller, & J. E. Anderson.

10/138 #1696 7/20/1919 Mrs. S. F. McCright Administration
7/20/1919. Application for Letters of Administration by Roy Dalby. Mrs. S. F. McCright died intestate 5/5/1919. Estate (real estate, stock, sheep, personal property, and rents on land) valued at $8000. Roy Dalby appointed Temporary Administrator, bond $2500.