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Court 1822 SC Laurens Brown Benjamin and Nancy

Court case involving children of Benjamin and Nancy Brown, after the death of their father.

Source Text
31 December 1822.  Joseph Coker and Malinda his wife, Philip Garrett and Mary his wife, stated that Benjamin Brown of Laurens District departed this life intestate on 18-- leaving a widow, Nancy Brown and 7 children: Daniel, Spilsby C., Mary who intermarried with Philip Garrett, Winney wife of David Shockley, Elizabeth a minor under 21, Malinda wife of Joseph Coker, and James a minor under 14.  That he was possessed of a tract of land containing 120 acres on Darbin [Deerborn's? Durborn's?] Creek bounded by lands of Frances Allison, Jeremiah Gilbert, William Gilbert, Thomas Hilton; several negroes and personal property; that the said Nancy Brown shortly after the death of the said Benjamin Brown did administer and proceed to sell the personal property; and that the said Nancy Brown on the day of the sale caused the same to be sold at an early hour and before persons wishing to bid for the same could attend and purchase, and she purchased the whole or a great part thereof at very reduced prices; that no partition has been made and that the said Nancy Brown still continues to use and enjoy the same.  They request their part of the estate and request appointment of guardians for Elizabeth and James. P154

20 March 1823.  Answer of Nancy Brown who intermarried with William Gilbert.  Admitted that Benjamin died in 1813 leaving her and children as only heirs; and that her brother-in-law, Samuel Brown purchased the negroes for her.  P156