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Court NC Lincoln

Lincoln Co., NC, Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions

Source Text
Minutes Volume 2 1789-1796

Term Session Description
7/1790 Friday William Patrick vs. Thomas Huson } not guilty

Minutes Volume 3 1796-1805

Term Session Description
7/1796 Saturday Thomas Huson tavern license
4/1798 Deeds Thomas Huson bought 13 NW square, Lincolnton 1/31/1798 from Henry Dillinger, proved by John Dickson
10/1798 Deeds Edward Huson bought 200 a. from William Reynolds and 50 a. from Alexander Patterson, 11/8/1797, proved by William Reynolds
4/1799 Tuesday Thomas Huson declares debt to Jacob Bullinger for 2-4 + interest
4/1799 Friday Thomas Huson juror
4/1800 Deeds Edward Huson sold 306 a., a slave, and sundries to John Huson 1/1/1800, proved by Joseph Beatty
1/1805 Tuesday Administration of Nancy Huson estate granted to widower John Huson, Mason Huson security for 1000
1/1805 Tuesday Mason Huson juror

Minutes Volume 4 1805-1808

Term Description
4/1805 Mason Huson jury summons
10/1805 Mason Huson jury summons
10/1806 John Huson administrator of William Dameron estate
4/1807 Mason Huson jury summons
7/1808 Mason Huson juror

Minutes Volume 5 1809-1812

Term Session Description
1/1810 Friday Jonathan Gullick's executors vs. David Hawkins & Edward Huson } 18-5
7/1810 Deeds Thomas Huson sold land to William Armstrong 12/2/1809, proved by Joseph Leeper
7/1811   John Huson insolvent for 1810
1/1812 Roads David Huson resigned as road overseer
4/1812 Deeds Thomas Huson sold 100 a. & 12 a. to William Scott 10/12/1802, signature of Wallace Alexander Esq. proved by Joseph Morris