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Court 1854 GA Warren Smith James

Warren Co., GA, Court of the Ordinary Minutes v. 1852-58 p. 107

Source Text
State of Georgia Warren County.
& the Honorable Court of Ordinary of Said county
 The petition of Kendal McTyre respectfully Sheweth that Obediance Bass of said County is a Lunatic, Idiot, or Insane person and incapable of managing her affairs. Wherefore he prays this Honorable Court to appoint commissioners in pursuance of the statute in such cases made and provided to examine the person of said Obediance Bass to assertain if she be a Lunatic, Idion, or insane person and incapable of managing her affairs.
   Gibson & Huff attys.
   for Kendal McTyre.

Georgia Warren County.
 Personally came before me Kendal mcTyre who on oath says that the facts set forth in the above petition are true to the best of his knowledge and belief.
   Kendal mcTyre
Sworn to and subscribed before me this December the 4th 1854.
 Arden R. Hershin, Ordinary.

 Whereupon it is ordered by the court that Robert K. Moreland, North Hill, Franklin D. Gondor, Augustus Wilder, James R. Gunn, Radford Gunn, John Gunn, James Smith, Joseph Smith, Samuel Hall, James Hall, Jesse M. Elliot, Benjamin Chapman, Thomas Fuller, D. Henry A. Jones, Dr. Alexander Jones, William Hendrick and Benjamin F. Roberts be and they are hereby appointed and required to meet at the House of Obedience Bass on the Ninth day of this instant to examine into the state of the mind of the said Obedience Bass and make a return and report to this court at the next term thereof on the Second Monday in January next.
 December 4th 1854  Gibson & Huff attys. &c.
   Arden R. Mershin Ordinary

Georgia Warren County
To Thomas M. Brown, Persons Walker and L. S. Persons.
 You are hereby notified that at the next term of the Court of Ordinary for Warren County I shall apply to said court for a commission of Lunacy to examin the person of Obedience Bass to ascertain if she be a Lunatic, Idiot or Insane person incapable of Maging her own affairs &c.
 Oct. 18, 1854  Kendal Mctyre

 December the 9th 1854
We the Jury duly sworn to pass upon the within case fully concur in the opinion that Mrs. Obedience Bass is not a Lunatic, Idiot or Insane person as stated in the Petition, but on the contrary of Sound mind or more so than is usual with persons of her age. She is certainly sane. We think however that she needs an agent to atten to her business in consequence of her blindness and bodily infirmity which we think she is capable of choosing.
 R. K. Moreland, foreman.
 A. P. Jones, M. D.
 Radford Gunn
 A. D. Wilder
 John Wynn
 Thomas S. Puller
 Benjamin Chapman
 James Hendrick
 Wm. Green
 Joseph D. Smith
 James W. Smith
 William Hendrick
 James Hall