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Note for Ira Jackson Countiss Military
Ira J. Countess, Pvt. Company F, 5th Regiment, Alabama was hospitalized as the result of a wound received August 25, 1864. Acmulgee? Hospital, Macen/Macon, Georgia. His place of residence was given as Tuscaloosa County, Alabama.

Record of the Medical Examining Board, Company F, Regiment 50th, Alabama, August 29, 1864. Ocmulgee Hospital and Floyd House, Marion, Georgia, Ira J. Countess, Pvt. G. S. W. Minnie ball entered and passed through posterior of base of neck fracturing spine of vertibrae.

Apparently this wound healed and Ira continued to serve in the Confederate Army for we found one more record. This record states that Ira J. Countess was hospitalized in Meridian, Mississippi because of illness (not a wound) in February of 1865.