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Husband: Michael King (details)
Birth ABT 1745 Bertie Co., NC    
Web King (Pero)
Marriage BEF 1774 NC Sarah (Sally) Rhodes (details)    
Death 1811 Sampson Co., NC   Will of Michael King c. 1811 Martin Co. NC is NOT this Michael
Web King (Pero)

Father: Michael King (details)
Mother: Mary Elizabeth Snell (details)

Wife: Sarah (Sally) Rhodes (details)
Birth 1751 Bertie Co., NC    
Web Rhodes
Marriage BEF 1774 NC Michael King (details)    
Death 1819 Sampson Co., NC  

Father: William Rhodes (details)
Mother: Nancy Sarah Pipkin (details)


Michael King (details)
Birth BEF 1774 Duplin Co., NC  
1790 NC Sampson 120 King Michael >16 in 1790
Marriage     Martha Byrd  

Kizzy King (details)
Marriage Jesse Whitley

Dicy King (details)
Marriage William Ingram

Nancy King (details)
Birth 27 MAY 1777 Duplin Co., NC  
1850 TN Hardeman 145a Ingram Nancy  
Cemetery TN Hardeman p. 69
Marriage ABT 1799 NC Needham Ingram (details)  
Death JUL 1855 McNairy Co., TN  
Estate Ingram Nancy gives 1854
Cemetery TN Hardeman p. 69: gives 7/1855

Polly King (details)
Marriage William Blackman

Susanna King (details)

Sally King (details)
Marriage Whitley Stephens

William King (details)
Marriage   Artisha
Death 1811  

Bryan King (details)
Birth BET 1790 AND 1800 Sampson Co., NC  
Marriage     Polly
Death 1835 Sampson Co., NC  

Edmond King (details)
Birth 1795 Sampson Co., NC  
Marriage     Harriett